Lucy K. - Baltic, SD (2012 Mitsubishi Outlander) 1/5/2017
I was given a second chance to visit you all and was treated with respect and straight forwardness. No beating around the bush and no back and forth deals. What they (you guys) give is your best deal right up front and honesty. I like that, Thank you.

Paul B - Sioux Falls, SD (2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee) 12/26/2016
It was fine. Helpful, informed and the Carfax is good.

Julia C. - Sioux Falls, SD (2007 Range Rover) 12/26/2016
I'm very happy with the Range Rover! I couldn't have asked for a better experience for purchasing my first vehicle! Everyone was very nice and helpful. So thank you for everything! I would definitely recommend Sioux Empire Automotive to family and friends!

Emily and Zach - Sioux Falls, SD (2007 Mitsubishi Galant) 12/23/2016
We had a great experience working with Sioux Empire Automotive while looking for a new vehicle. Jeff was very helpful and we felt very confident while looking through the vehicles. We had our questions answered and felt we could trust the staff at SEA. We are pleased with our purchase and would highly recommend SEA to anyone looking for a new vehicle.

Katie D - Sioux Falls, SD (2013 Kia Optima) 12/23/2016
Everyone at Sioux Empire Automotive was extremely helpful and patient with all of my questions. They were very friendly while giving me a great deal and showed me all of the features f my new car before I drove off the lot. Financing was also helpful and took the time to answer all of my questions about my loan. Overall I couldn't of asked for a better experience and would recommend anyone to buy from them!

Ben A. - Sioux Falls, SD (2013 Chevy Malibu) 12/23/2016
I am very happy with my car and thanks so much for all of your help! It was a great experience buying from you and I definitely would again in the future!

Jim Smith - Hartford, SD (2014 Subaru Outback) 11/30/2016
Easy to deal with up front and honest. Great car buying experience! Would recommend to anyone. I like the low pressure sales staff. Thanks again. I love my outback!!

Charles and Linda L. - Marion, SD (2014 Buick Enclave) 11/28/2016
We had a great experience at Sioux Empire. All the staff was very friendly and helpful. Trent went above and beyond to help us and answer any and all questions. We highly recommend Trent and Sioux Empire Automotive. We Love our car!

Duane and Barb G. - Worthington, MN (2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee) 11/14/2016
We are enjoying our Jeep! We were driving from Marshall on Saturday and went through wind and rain - the Jeep ran wonderfully! We have yet to utilize all of its technology features - we are learning as we go. So far we have no complaints. Thank you and your staff for making our buying experience a pleasure - you can be sure we will recommend Sioux Empire Automotive to anyone looking for a quality vehicle

Haley W. - Volga, SD (2015 Chevy Trax) 11/14/2016
I'd scoured dealerships in three different towns for several months on the search for a new vehicle and had no luck. I stumbled across SEA and found my dream car and was able to buy it the same day! I was greeted with a great selection to choose from and a friendly sales team that helped me pinpoint what car would suit me best. The staff was absolutely wonderful to work with, very patient and great at explaining things. The staff members I worked with made my experience stress free and made a point f following up with me after my purchase. Pricing was very fair and it was refreshing not to have to play the negotiating game. I am so glad I went to Sioux Empire Automotive in my search for a new vehicle!

Bobby R. - Sioux Falls, SD (2014 Ford Escape) 11/14/2016
It's with pleasure I comment on my experience of purchasing a vehicle with you. Jeff did a phenomenal job of learning my needs and followup has been timely. Brad thoroughly knows his position of finance and sells a package of value to future needs. My main reason for purchasing this vehicle was obviously need but more importantly was the trust I have in your dealership and respect I hold for the Juhl family. Eric is a valued friend of integrity and the epitome of good people! If someone has a need for an automobile I highly recommend the Sioux Empire Automotive experience.

Seth G. - Miller, SD (2014 Ram 1500) 11/14/2016
Best service and easiest vehicle buying process I have ever been a part of. When I go to buy a vehicle in the future I will come to you guys. Thanks again. I greatly appreciate it.

Mark and Patti B. - Tea, SD (2014 Ford Escape) 10/21/2016
We found the experience great. We love working with you guys. The interactions are always direct and honest. Everyone is so helpful and we don't feel pressured. We also love the Service Center!

Samantha B - Sioux Center, IA (2007 Ford Fusion) 10/21/2016
I love my fusion! It's been an awesome car! I have nothing but great things to say about your company. Thank you very much for the awesome car. I love her and she treats me well! P.S. I will definitely be back!

Pam R. - Tea, SD (2011 Chevy Equinox) 10/21/2016
My experience with SEA was terrific. I couldn't of asked for anything better. You guys went out of your way to help me make my decision. I luv my vehicle so far. Thank you.

Jamie and Chris F. - Sioux Falls, SD (2011 Kia Sorento) 10/21/2016
We had a great experience purchasing our 2011 Kia Sorento with Sioux Empire Automotive! We enjoy the ease of not having to deal w/pricing on a vehicle purchase. We knew straight up what the offer was. We did end up experiencing some issues with the Kia after the purchase but Taylor and the team in your service department took care of us no questions asked! Thank you for making it a great experience from purchase to service!

Dennis D. - Sioux Falls, SD (2010 Toyota Prius) 10/21/2016
I just want you to know that I really enjoy my car now that I know how to get it out of par and into drive! LOL! I appreciate the way you helped me get financing for it! I was rejected by the very same finance company through a competitor, and you were able to get me financed. I don't know how you did it but thanks!! I wish you greater success!!

Spencer - Luverne, MN (2009 Chevy Malibu) 9/26/2016
We had a wonderful experience in Tea, South Dakota in buying our Chevy Malibu. It was my first car that I have purchased and Sioux Empire Automotive (Vince) and other sales agents were very friendly.

Kayla and Pam - Emery, SD (2014 Jeep Patriot) 9/26/2016
Jeff was wonderful. He's the reason we came back to Sioux Empire Automotive. We worked with him in June and while we didn't like that vehicle, we came back for his customer service. No one pushed us on anything. We were given good options and a fair trade.

Don G. - Sioux Falls, SD (2009 Audi Q7) 9/26/2016
The process of buying my Q7 was very enjoyable. From the time I started with the test drive to the final sale, the staff were very professional and helpful. Jeff went through the various options of the Q7, the ones he knew, and made me feel comfortable with my decision. Overall, I am pleased with my experience at SEA. In the future I would consider buying another car from you guys. Thanks, Jeff for your professional, caring salesmanship!

Jeff B. - Tea, SD (2013 Kia Optima) 9/26/2016
Wanted to let you know that you guys were great in helping me out on my new purchase. Did everything that was asked of you. Will be using your service department in the future. No pressure timelyness was good. Will recommend you guys to others. And I hope I will enjoy this ride for a while.

Dennis - Sioux Falls, SD (2013 Ford F-150) 9/26/2016
Buying our F-150 from you was our best ever experience in buying a vehicle. You were very friendly and easy to talk to.

Robert, Kate and Audrey - Sioux Falls, SD (2012 Honda Civic) 9/26/2016
Audrey's first car purchase was a wonderful experience. Thank you for all your advice and knowledge. She is very happy with her choice. We will definitely be back.

Laurie and Dallas - Lennox, SD (2009 Dodge Journey) 9/5/2016
Thanks Scott for helping us out of the BMW and getting us into the Journey. All is going well!

Sean M. - Brandon, SD (2014 Jeep Patriot) 9/5/2016
It was a great experience, Thanks!

Becky H. - Edgeley ND (2002 Audi TT) 9/5/2016
My son absolutely loved it. We surprised him on Sunday with it. He was speechless!! You and Sioux Empire Automotive were great. Very easy and friendly to work with. Made the purchase go smoothly. Thanks and maybe we will see you again when its my turn!

Rick M. - Sisseton, SD (2011 Dodge Durango) 9/5/2016
We love the Durango! Couple of issues we are needing to get fixed but not your fault. Just got back from a trip to Texas and the Durango ran great. Thank you for the great service you provided us and the way you worked with us on purchasing it.

Don and Helen - Sioux Falls, SD (2015 Nissan Pathfinder) 9/5/2016
Our experience with Sioux Empire Automotive was the best. Trent was very professional. There was no pressure or hassle. The whole process went smoothly and quickly. We will recommend SEA to friends and relatives when they are looking for a vehicle.

Ron and Marlene A. - Lennox, SD (2011 Dodge Avenger) 8/25/2016
Thanks so much Vince for not being high pressure. Really like the car. You have a great day.

Tom and Heidi S. - Sioux Falls, SD (2014 Chevy Silverado) 8/25/2016
Our experience at SEA was wonderful. The fact that we were able to take the vehicle home and test drive was great and working with us while we were finishing the refi on our home helped. The fact that you didn't try to screw us over on our trade in like (other dealers) did made the sale. Jeff was a wonderful salesman to work with, knowledgeable and no pressure.

Jeff and Kathy R. - Sioux Falls, SD (2008 Honda CRV) 8/25/2016
This was our 5th vehicle we have purchased from Sioux Empire Automotive. The staff is great to work with - no pressure and they treat you like a neighbor. I researched before I buy and they are very competitive with their pricing and fix any problems before turning the vehicle over to you. It was a pleasure working with Jeff Boe on our last purchase and we look forward to working with them on our future purchases.

Janae W - Lennox, SD (2012 Mitsubishi Outlander) 8/25/2016
Our experience purchasing the Outlander was phenomenal! Initially I was just looking and Sioux Empire gave me the time to make a decision on the purchase - even allowing me time to take the car overnight! When a repair was needed on the vehicle, SEA went above and beyond to fix the part! Our sales person, Jeff, was very knowledgeable on the inventory. I didn't feel pressured as i have with different car salesman in the past. He worked as a member of a team, which really stood out to me. Thank you Sioux Empire Automotive.

Becky - Minneapolis, MN (2015 Subaru Forester) 8/19/2016
My husband and I just got back from an awesome road trip all over the Canadian Rockies. The Forester was great, I couldn't ask for more. And I really appreciate all your help with the purchase. It made my car buying experience really pleasant!

Nathan and Madison C - Sioux Falls, SD (2013 Hyundai Elantra) 8/1/2016
We love our Elantra so far! Scott was very friendly, helpful & professional. He was knowledgable about the cars we were interested in & made the whole process extremely easy! We will definitely recommend others to Sioux Empire Automotive! Thanks for all of your help!

Adam and Sanna S. - Sioux Falls, SD (2012 Toyota Camry) 8/1/2016
Great service! Thanks for a wonderful experience. We're very happy with our new Camry and look forward to driving it for many years. Quality vehicle at competitive price!

Fred and Penny - Crooks, SD (2004 Jeep Liberty) 8/1/2016
Very satisfied with our purchase. The Jeep is so much fun to drive. On our way out of Tea a couple on a motorcycle at the stipe light waved and gave us a thumbs up. Thanks for your help Trent, you did a great job.

Keith M. - Baton Rouge, LA (2011 BMW X5M) 8/1/2016
Vince, Ya'll were great. The car is gorgeous and a blast to drive. A different, more comfortable blast to drive. Ya'll were very fair with pricing and I appreciate you working with me on the financing.. I would have liked to have gotten a little more for the M3 but that's water under the bridge. A lot of people are upset with me for trading the M3 instead of offering it to them first haha. All the best.

Vince and Joy P. - Tea, SD (2007 Toyota Civic) 8/1/2016
We really appreciate the fact that the people there are friendly. The trust to let us drive the cars without one of the employees means a lot. Thanks for not pressuring to buy. The atmosphere there is very relaxed and you make people feel at ease.

Randy and Deanna M. - Sioux Falls, SD (2010 Honda CRV) 8/1/2016
We really liked that SEA did not pressure us in our purchase and that Jeff was very helpful and explained the Honda was a great quality vehicle. It is nice to do business with a small local business who cares about its customers.

Breanne, Ann and Curt - Sioux Falls, SD (2007 Toyota Camry) 8/1/2016
Thank you for all of your help. I enjoy my car very much. You have truly achieved customer satisfaction with myself as well as my family. I have had a couple people mention to me that they needed a car and I told them about you.

Levi and Alisa D. - Harrisburg, SD (2012 Chevy Traverse) 8/1/2016
We felt very comfortable and at ease speaking with the salesman @ SEA. Jeff stayed after hours for us which we greatly appreciated. He also made himself very available via phone call/text. Thank you for your service. You have gained our trust.

Kayla A. - Lennox, SD (2013 Chevy Cruze) 8/1/2016
It was a great experience buying a car from Sioux Empire Automotive! Everyone there made it very easy and super fast experience! Love the new car!

Victor and Nor D. - Sioux Falls, SD (2009 Ford Flex) 8/1/2016
Our experience was relaxing and enjoyable with no pressure. The whole staff was knowledgeable and friendly. Would recommend others to do business with you.

Bob and Cathy W. - Sioux Falls, SD (2007 Mazda MX5 Miata) 8/1/2016
The car is awesome. We take it out for a spin almost every night just for fun! Someone there said you can't buy a cheap car cheap enough and that changed my thinking. I don't want a cheap car! I want a great car at the right price and that's what I got.

John S. - Baltic, SD (2009 Dodge Caliber) 8/1/2016
The Caliber is running great and it has everything I need. (Gets good gas mileage too). Again, thanks to you and Mr. Juhl for everything.

Jerry and Sue G. - SIoux Falls, SD (2010 VW Tiguan) 8/1/2016
Hi to you Jeff and all at SEA! I absolutely LOVE my Tiguan!! Jerry and I are thankful to have met you and the team at SEA, since we are new to town. We couldn't be happier with our purchase and the whole experience of car buying for me always a battle before. (mental battle between the "used car salesman" and me!) We will definitely be coming back to you if or when we would need another vehicle. We appreciate the honest, straight-forward way of buying and selling a vehicle that you all adhere to. Thank you again for a wonderful experience and a great car!

Kelly L - Sioux Falls, SD (2007 Buick Lucerne) 7/6/2016
I love my car! It was exactly what I wanted. You and the other staff were so helpful and friendly - you made it a breeze to get the vehicle and use my old car as a trade in. I plan on getting my vehicle serviced at Sioux Empire, so maybe ill see you in the future!

Joel S - Brandon, SD (2008 Dodge Avenger) 7/6/2016
Sioux Empire Automotive of Tea was extremely patient with us and made the buying experience very easy. I am very happy with my car and would definitely recommend Sioux Empire Automotive to anyone in the market to buy a new vehicle.

Ivan Y - Brookings, SD (2010 Chevy Traverse) 7/6/2016
I found Sioux Empire Automotive to be a professional place that acquired our trust soon after we started talking to Vince. We were on the tail end of a week of visiting other dealerships and were a little "burned out". Vince answered our questions and we made a deal. I am happy with the service!

Tony K - Sioux Falls, SD (2008 Mercedes E350) 7/6/2016
This is the 2nd vehicle I have brought from Sioux Empire Automotive. In both cases the overall buying experience and service has been great and the vehicle's were reasonably priced.

Randy and Deanna M. - Sioux Falls, SD (2010 Honda CRV) 6/23/2016
We really liked that SEA did not pressure us in our purchase and that Jeff was very helpful and explained the Honda was a great quality vehicle. It is nice to do business with a small local business who cares about their customers.

Courtney and Dustin - Colton, SD (2014 Ford Explorer) 6/23/2016
Buying a vehicle has never been more simple. Trent and his team made sure we were at ease with what we were purchasing. I was short on time and needed the paperwork done quickly. They had everything ready when I showed up. I was able to have everything signed and drove away with my vehicle in less than a half hour. Sioux Empire Automotive is a best kept secret I'm glad we found!

Corey and Ariana - Tea, SD (2007 Grand Caravan) 6/14/2016
It was a great experience! The mini van works great. Our family is happy with the mini van!

Dean & Heather - Harrisburg, SD (2013 Honda CRV) 6/14/2016
Our experience was fantastic! We were very pleasantly surprised when we got to take the vehicle we were thinking about home for the night. It was nice not having to make an on the spot decision. And better yet the service department took care of a small issue no questions asked. Thanks Again

Andja - Sioux Falls, SD (2015 GMC Savannah) 6/14/2016
It was a great experience

Ibrahim - Marshall, MN (2008 Hyundai Sonata) 6/14/2016
Thank you guys for making life comfortable by giving me such a nice Hyundai Sonata so easily. I am very happy and thankful with your service and will definitely recommend you! Thanks again.

Daniel F - Yankton, SD (2006 Dodge Charger) 5/20/2016
Your staff was very friendly and helpful during our time at your dealership. The salesman represented the charger honestly, and did not pressure to buy. I was offered fair trade for my Cadillac, and appreciate not being low-balled on it. We will seriously consider your dealership if and when we are in the market for a new vehicle. Thank you for sending the handwritten note.

Warren and Diane - Sioux Center, IA (2006 Cadillac DTS) 5/20/2016
It was a real pleasure doing business with you and your firm. I want to commend you for the way we were treated. We trusted you and Sioux Empire personally. You were so enthused about this Cadillac. Enthusiasm is contagious and it certainly had an effect on us. Keep up the good work Jeff. We love the car and will stop in if and when we are in the area. Will also recommend Sioux Empire to my friends. Large city selection at small town prices.

Trevor and Tanya V. - Sioux Center, IA (2012 Grand Caravan) 5/5/2016
Thank you so much for addicting us with our buying experience. We didn't feel pressured and you answered our many questions. W really appreciated you and the company standing behind the vehicle when we realized the A/C was not working and then bringing it back the next day . Thank you again - our kids love it and it's just what we needed for our growing family!

Robert and Cheryl - Sioux Falls, SD (2013 Ford Fusion) 5/5/2016
We can describe our experience with Trent and the folks at Sioux Empire with one word: REFRESHING. We spoke with many dealers and were exhausted by the car buying process. Trent and the others at Sioux Empire treated us simply and fairly. No hassle - just an honest and fun experience. Thanks - we're telling all our friends.

Carol & Larry - Clear Lake, SD (2013 Buick LaCrosse) 4/21/2016
We were completely happy with our business with your company. I do like the up front way - this is what the price is and it includes these options. Of course I must say I am happy with my car. It was really what I wanted!!

Walter & Kathy - Sioux Falls, SD (2005 Toyota Highlander) 4/21/2016
Always have a variety of nice, clean vehicles. I like the fact that you are not a high pressure sales force. You let us drive what vehicles we want without feeling like we better buy or else. Thanks!

Jared & Jenny - Sioux Falls, SD (2008 Audi A4) 4/21/2016
We are very happy with how our buying experience was at Sioux Empire Automotive! Your sales staff is very nice and great to work with. We are loving our Audi, and will look to you guys with future car purchases! Thanks for all of your help!

Sandy B - Sioux City, IA (2014 Ram 1500) 4/21/2016
My experience was a good one. Did not feel pressured. I knew what I was looking for and we happy with our truck. Thank you for all of your help with this.

Frank and Cecilia K. - Sioux Falls, SD (2014 Ford Escape) 4/6/2016
Had a very cordial, friendly interaction with Sioux Empire Automotive personnel. Vince was very helpful and accommodating. We feel that we received a fair deal regarding our car buying transaction.

Kent and Julie W. - Sioux Falls, SD (2015 Nissan Rogue) 4/1/2016
We had an awesome experience! The best thing - no pressure! We were able to drive many vehicles before deciding which one to take home. Financing was easy too! Always a pleasure working with you guys!

Alexis B - Sioux Falls, SD (2011 Chevy Impala) 3/25/2016
Had a great experience working with Sioux Empire Auto. They were great with explaining everything with loans and what I can expect with the car. Definitely will be back for future car purchases.

Bill S. - Crooks, SD (2006 Mitsubishi Endeaver) 3/18/2016
Thanks again for your help. I was impressed with the customer service. I did not feel pressured at all on my decision. Everything seemed to go quick and I was back on the road!

Rod M - Sioux Falls, SD (2007 Chevy Impala) 3/18/2016
Our experience at Sioux Empire Automotive was superior. Everyone was professional and yet down to earth. When I came in to try out a vehicle I felt no pressure and Scott was very helpful. Reviewed the Carfax report and went over everything. All my questions were answered and I came back with my wife so she could see the vehicles I was interested in and purchased that day. This was my second time I purchased a vehicle with Sioux Empire and was very pleased with everyone we worked with.

Mike & Darla D - Sioux Falls, SD (2011 Honda CR-V) 3/11/2016
I do love my CR-V! I would have been stuck many times without it! you were very helpful as the other guys were as wee! Thanks for taking care of us. I have already recommended you to others.

Patricia S. - Winfred, SD (09 Chevrolet Silverado) 3/11/2016
I was impressed and appreciated the amount of time you spent showing me how to adjust all of the features of the vehicle. Lights, 4-wheel drive, heater, defrost, etc. It was nice to buy a used vehicle that was so clean. inside and out.

Paul and Don G. - Watertown, SD (2007 Kia Rio) 3/11/2016
We felt that you dealt with us honestly and wanted to help us find the right car for our situation. We appreciated that you stayed late to give us time to make a decision.

Kevin and Stacie - Beresford, SD (2006 Nissan Sentra) 3/11/2016
Good experience & easy transaction. Thank you! Car is working great & is just what we needed!

Ryan & Brittany K - Sioux Falls, SD (2014 Chrysler Town & Country) 3/11/2016
You were very nice. 0 pressure!! I would not change a thing. Very friendly.

Kayla H - Alcester, SD (2010 Chevy Traverse) 3/11/2016
My experience with Vince and Brad was great. They made buying a car very easy and i got a great trade-in value for my car as well as almost the exact monthly payment I was looking to get. They also mailed me my extra set of keys, which was great as I am not near by. Thanks again for everything!

Don and Colleen N. - Yankton, SD (2014 Ford Flex) 3/11/2016
We were very pleased with the whole process of buying a car. The car was priced right and we got a fair price for our trade-in. We would consider doing business with you again.

James and Angela - Parker, SD (2008 Chevrolet Tahoe) 3/11/2016
Our Tahoe is great! Thank you for braving the bitter cold two weekends in a row and for coming in on your day off to help us :)

Jim and Carol W - Rapid City, SD (2007 Chrysler Aspen) 3/11/2016
Thanks for all your help in our hunt for a vehicle! we are enjoying the Chrysler Aspen. We enjoyed meeting you too and hope our paths "cross again" as you said. Thanks again!

Sonia and Eliezer - Sioux Falls, SD (2008 Chrysler Town and Country) 3/11/2016
Hello! Definitely we are so happy and our experience was the best. We went to other dealers and we don't feel comfortable with their service. Buy you guys were very helpful. Thank you so much! All the success for you!

Jessica and Jon - Hartford, SD (2014 Subaru Outback) 1/25/2016
Fast, friendly service. Found the perfect vehicle at a reasonable price. Enjoyed the non-pressure buying environment. Will recommend SEA to friends and family. Look forward to doing business again in the near term.

Kristen - Sioux Falls, SD (2013 Chevy Equinox) 1/25/2016
I am very much enjoying my Equinox! It has been treating me well. Thank you and everyone at Sioux Empire Auto for taking care of the mass air flow sensor just a few days after driving off the lot. That reassured my decision in doing business with you. I have nothing but good things to say! Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sam - Sioux Falls, Sd (2002 Toyota Camry) 1/25/2016
I can't say enough good things about working with Sioux Empire Automotive. The price of my car was more than fair, I never felt taken advantage of. Every employee I worked with was extremely kind and helpful. There's a sense of pride at SEA which allows me to trust the dealership, well done. Thanks for even accepting a trade on my lovely 'ol Buick. Keep up the good work, I will recommend you!

Justine - Brandon, SD (2010 Toyota Camry) 1/25/2016
We are loving the Camry - it was great doing business with you.

Greg V - Sioux Falls, SD (2010 Ford F350) 12/30/2015
I wanted you to know that I am very happy with my newer truck. I also want to express that this was the most fluid vehicle exchange and purchase I have ever experienced. I will do business with you again.

Amanda, Greg and Jesse - Iowa City and Merrill, IA (2012 SUbaru Impreza and 2006 Subaru Outback) 12/30/2015
We enjoyed our experience very much. This was my first time buying a car and I'm so happy I got what i wanted at a price I could afford without having to haggle. Thank you guys so much, we love our new Subarus! P.S. Jesse loves his just as much as I do. :)

Janet and John S - Sioux Falls, SD 12/30/2015
It was a pleasure working with you and the rest of the staff at Sioux Empire. We heard the same speech - best price on vehicle, best price on trade in - several places, you proved to stand by that - not all the others did! The friendliness of all was refreshing - and we have been extremely pleased with the follow up - replacing the tail light. I would definitely recommend others to check out Sioux Empire when in the need of a new vehicle!

Troy - Sioux Falls, SD (2008 Kia Sorento) 12/24/2015
I bought my daughter a car there and traded in her existing car. The price of the new one was fair and the people were great. I liked how they didn't pull the old "our car is awesome and your car is crap" routine like the others did that day. Great car, great guys. I'd buy from Sioux Empire Auto again anytime. Thanks.

Dale & Linda - Parker SD (2008 Subaru Tribeca) 12/17/2015
I love my Subaru. It drives really nice in wind and snow. We haven't found anything we don't like. We're so grateful you showed us this Subaru, you were very nice and helpful, not pushy. We very much enjoyed dealing with you!! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

David and Beatrice D. - Sioux Falls, SD (2015 Ford Mustang) 12/7/2015
We bought because it was the car we were looking for at a fair price. We liked the salesman. Friendly and courteous. It was great buying from Eric Juhl, a trusted business man.

David and Linda - Sioux Falls, SD (2007 Buick Terraza) 12/3/2015
Linda loves the car. Will be back if we need another car.

Linda - Beresford, SD (2005 Ford Freestyle) 12/3/2015
I'm very happy with the freestyle. It was a good experience at Sioux Empire Automotive. Everyone was very helpful, it took the stress out of vehicle buying and I will let everyone know. Thank you very much!

Liz - Sioux Falls, SD (2007 Honda Civic) 11/19/2015
I appreciated that you allowed me an extra day with the test drive. Very happy, clean car and fantastic, trustworthy experience with your dealership.

Dennis and Vivian - Sioux Falls, SD (2013 Ram 1500) 11/19/2015
We really like our Ram and have had a lot of compliments on it. Everyone was really nice to us and made us feel very comfortable during the process. You guys are great!!

Steve and Diane - Milford, IA (2010 Chevy Colorado) 11/19/2015
Enjoying the vehicle. Only hard to get used to after 14 years in a Jeep. I feel we were treated fairly. Everything done as promised, Vehicle as advertised.

Dave and Lisa W - Centerville, SD (2007 Hummer H#) 11/13/2015
Very pleased with our buying experience. Vince answered our questions and made sure to comply with our requests. Extremely happy with the follow up with the thermostat. Will recommend Sioux Empire Auto to friends looking for vehicles. Thanks

C. Hartman - Sioux Falls, SD (2014 Subaru Crosstrek) 10/30/2015
I just wanted to thank you for your professional service with the recent purchase of my Subaru Crosstrek. From the sales to the owner and everywhere in between, you were all very helpful. If it runs as good as my last Subaru I will be very satisfied! Thank you again, I will recommend your dealership!

Taylor H - Lake Preston, SD (2012 Ford Mustang) 10/30/2015
I am very happy with my car and your service. I would definitely recommend Sioux Empire to friends and family looking for a vehicle.

Bob and Michelle - Millbank, SD (2007 Toyota Sequoia) 10/29/2015
Thanks Jeff. Buying the Sequoia was very easy and simple. The paperwork was fast and that's very important. Since I'm in the retail business I know that people don't mind shopping but they don't like paying so the faster this can be done is nice and you guys did a good job on that. I was wondering if there was another set of keys for the Sequoia. If not is there a way of having one made. Thanks.

Audrey and Jeff - Sioux Falls, SD (2012 Ford F150) 10/23/2015
Love the truck!! Our buying experience was wonderful - Along with the great service we received- Thank You!!

Mark and Patti B - Tea, SD (2010 Honda Insight) 10/23/2015
As always our experience with you guys was wonderful. We didn't feel pressured- just felt like you sincerely wanted to help us find a car we would be happy with. Thanks for everything. Hayley loves the car - we are very happy with it!

Jason and Peggy - Salem, SD (2013 Ram 1500) 10/21/2015
I was well satisfied with how I was treated.

Shaun V - Sioux Falls, SD (2009 Honda Accord) 10/21/2015
I visited with Scott Brown regarding a vehicle purchase and trade in. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the whole buying process was from start to finish. The whole sale transaction only took about 15 minutes. Everyone was very well organized and polite. I felt the trade in value was fair and the Honda Accord Coup was exactly what I had in mind. Overall experience is an A!

Pamela B - Sioux Falls, SD (2008 Ford Escape) 10/21/2015
Everything was handled in a professional and efficient manner. Thank you for working with us to find the right car for our daughter.

Gary and Deb - Springfield, MN (Chevy Impala) 10/9/2015
We are very please with the car we bought from your salesman Vince, he was a very pleasant and very friendly man. He never pushed us to buy it, like some sales people. We would buy another car from him. Great guy. We like everything on the car. Thank you!!

Ron - Sioux Falls, SD (1998 Ford Expedition) 10/9/2015
Its gonna take a little bit to get used to the Expedition but so far all is well. It runs good and drives nice. Thank you for taking a chance with me and I'll be sure to point anyone Who's looking for a ride your way. Hope my Tahoe finds a good home and thanks again.

Rachel - Irwin, IA (03 Buick Century) 10/1/2015
4-5 Star rating on service - 98% Only comments are: Someone could have asked my friends to come into your lounge are for a break after our long car ride. I didn't get a trunk key which I like to have rather than the remote as the only way into the trunk-those remotes have a tendency to break. You were great keeping in contact over the phone and I love my Buick!! Car is doing great so far but still driving the old one to work. Would definitely recommend you to others. Thanks

Mike and Sarah - Sioux City, IA (2013 Ford Flex) 9/26/2015
We had a great experience purchasing our vehicle at Sioux Empire. We had been searching for a vehicle for quite some time and when we decided on the Flex (which is not easy to find) you had it ready and waiting for us when we arrived. You did us a fair deal on our trade in, and we couldn't be happier with the Flex. Thank you.

Cady - Lynch NE (2012 Ford Escape) 9/23/2015
Hi Scott. Yes, I am enjoying my new Escape. I love it. Thank you for all of your help. Also, thank you to Greg and Taylor. You were all so helpful. It was worth the 2 1/2 hour drive. Thanks Again!

Dan - Stickney NE (2008 Dodge Avenger) 9/23/2015
He likes the car a lot! We enjoy doing business with you guys! Thanks a lot!

Darold - Yankton, SD (2008 Dodge Dakota) 9/23/2015
I like the Dakota. I'm satisfied with the dealers. It is a good vehicle. Will recommend you to my friends. Thank Your

Eric - Baltic, SD (2011 Kia Optima) 9/23/2015
Hello Sioux Empire Auto! I'm enjoying my new ride! This is the third straight vehicle with you guys. You guys always treat me good. Thanks for the good service!

Roy and Nancy - Lennox, SD (2013 Subaru Outback) 9/11/2015
It was great dealing with you guys. It is nice to know that you are a dealer that doesn't believe in playing games. We are telling other people about you. We really enjoy our Outback. It is nice to have a vehicle that Nancy can get in and out of to go to P.T.

David and Tracie - Sioux Falls, SD (2004 Ford Escape) 9/9/2015
Hantley loves the Escape!! It was the best birthday present ever. Thank you for taking care of us and getting us the car so quickly.

Dan and Laura - Sioux Falls, SD (Chrysler Town & Country ) 9/9/2015
My wife and I are very pleased with our purchase. The Van was very clean and in good running condition. We were also treated very fairly with our trade in.

Teri and Chris - Brandon, SD (2013 Grand Caravan) 9/2/2015
Salesman are polite, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I don't enjoy pushy salespeople and at Sioux Empire Automotive in Tea they are not. I have bought 2 cars since January 2015 from them and will continue to give others the name. Work well with you on getting financing, also.

Vince Letsche - Sioux Falls, SD (2014 Ford Fiesta) 8/26/2015
The Ford Fiesta of Emily's seems to be doing well. My daughter loves the car, calls it amazing. I have heard no complaints what so ever. When I drove it I thought it was a well assembled car. Everything seemed to fit. I liked the soft touches on the dash and doors. The blue candy paint is distinctive. The actual purchasing of the car was good. No pressure a very comfy environment to buy a car. Everyone was cordial and friendly. I did miss the car not given a bath before I took delivery. This is my only issue. Otherwise all is well with your dealership. Life is good

Ressa C - Sioux Falls, SD 8/10/2015
All went well! We like the new car. Thanks!

Todd and Abbey - Watertown, SD (2008 GMC Sierra) 8/7/2015
We enjoyed our experience and so far we are loving our truck.

Lisa K - Sioux Falls, SD (2011 ford edge) 7/22/2015
It was appreciatd that you allowed the customer to drive the car for a period of time and by themselves. Once we decided to purchase you promptly fixed what needed to be fixed with no additional price. You will definitely get our business again.

Jami - Tea, SD (2008 VW Passat) 7/17/2015
So far I am very pleased with my vehicle. I appreciated how the small tear in the leather was fixed. The only suggestion I would have is a quick wash of the vehicles before they are released to the customer, otherwise I would recommend this dealership and sales rep to anyone inquiring about a car.

Philip Johnson - Brookings, SD (2008 Honda Civic) 7/6/2015
I was very pleased with my experience. From test driving to financing, the overall experience was better than expected. Scott was friendly and personable from start to finish and a great salesman. The trade in value I received on my car was on par with what it should have been and the value wasn't low-balled. Overall, a 5 out of 5 star experience. Will definitely consider on next car purchase

Kristina and Travis Albers (12 Ford Fusion) 6/29/2015
Service was great! My husband and I were in a bit of a hurry and didn't want any pressure and that's how it was, no pressure and quick. We left for a baseball game and when we returned everything (paperwork) was ready to go. Great experience, would definitely recommend!

Josh Kappler - VERMILLION, SD (2012 Subaru Outback) 6/19/2015
Visiting Sioux Empire Auto was one of the best car shopping experiences I've had. Everyone was helpful. I really appreciated how straight forward the process was. Thanks for your help in finding a nice vehicle.

Rick Ness - Cambridge, IA (2006 Volvo XC70) 6/11/2015
Hi Guys, Sorry we didn't let you know we had a good trip home. It was a very long drive, but worth it. I don't usually do the "feedback" thing, but I felt it was warranted in this instance. The car drives very well. Another thing I don't usually do it use the term "clean" to describe a car. But this car is very clean. The interior is very well kept and the carpet & floor mats don't look like they have ever been used. I'm Quite pleased with the car, and the purchase experience (other than the eight hour round trip drive) was one of the best I've had. We just bought a car for my father in Kansas City, and neither the car nor the experience was anywhere rear as nice as with you guys. Also thanks for mailing the spare key, It was appreciated. Thanks

Kelsie Kallhoff - Sioux Falls, SD (2010 Mitsubishi Outlander) 6/11/2015
I wanted to thank you and your team for making the car buying experience so stress free and easy! I absolutely love the Outlander! I know my family and I would not think twice about purchasing another car from Sioux Empire! Thanks again.

Beth Finzen-Przybyss - Pipestone, MN (2001 Toyota Rav4) 5/28/2015
I had a good experience with you and you will be kept in mind in 4 years or so when i start looking again. You were all friendly and helpful. I appreciated the no pressure approach as well as the fact that you listened and didn't treat me like an idiot even though i wasn't sure what i was looking for. Your finance manager and sales manager were helpful as well. Thanks again.

Austin Carlson - Tea, SD (2010 Kia Forte) 5/28/2015
Thanks again. Things are going well with my Kia. I had a good experience and was glad with the help I got from you guys. I would definitely buy a car from you guys again. Thanks again Eric, Taylor and Brad.

Glenda Nelin - Tea, SD (2009 Lexus IS250) 5/21/2015
I was extremely pleased with how Vince handled this transaction. Typically I end up getting frustrated when trying to trade/purchase a different vehicle. However, this transaction was very smooth. Also pleased with my new car. Thanks for everything!

Marcia Rhoden - Faulkton, SD (2004 Nissan Xterra) 5/21/2015
My son picked out a vehicle for me and I really like it! Within half an hour of driving it off the lot, I experienced a mechanical failure that Sioux Empire covered completely. I will definitely tell friends and family about your very friendly salesmen. My son also said it was great!

Kari Ranschau - Canton, SD (2012 Chevrolet Cruz) 5/21/2015
I enjoyed working with Vince and all the others at Sioux Empire Automotive. They were easy to work with and were available at my convenience. I had never purchased a vehicle on my own before and everyone at Sioux Empire Automotive made it a positive experience. I will refer friends and family to them and will look forward to purchasing through them again someday!

Roger Streeter - LeSueur, MN (2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse) 4/30/2015
I was driving to Nebraska from Minnesota to purchase a car for my son, his first car. I got there and the car was not what was advertised online and I felt i had wasted my time completely. My wife looked online and found another at Sioux Empire. She called and spoke to Greg, he said he would wait for me and so I drove to Tea, SD. I arrived at the lot after closing and Greg was there. Great car, great service and actually a large selection of Vehicles. No bickering, price was what was listed, car was priced what it should have been. About an hour later, it was loaded on my trailer and i was heading back to Minnesota. Thanks to Greg and the Sioux Empire team. Good experience, no pressure, and my son loves the car. We would definitely purchase again from Sioux Empire Automotive.

Jim and Tamara Daly - Sioux Falls, SD (2014 Town N Country) 4/29/2015
Our first purchasing experience with Sioux Empire Automotive but not our last! From the moment Vince greeted us on the lot to the time I was driving away in our new van (the same day!) the staff was phenomenal! I appreciated the laid-back, no pressure sales approach. The entire staff treated me like a person instead of a sales quota number, like you get at some of the other larger dealerships. I'll be recommending you to anyone I hear of looking for a vehicle upgrade as well as shopping at Sioux Empire Automotive again myself. Thanks again! P.S. it didn't hurt you guys had the Masters on that Saturday)

Beth Harrold - Bloomfield NE (2005 Ford Focus) 4/27/2015
I found my Ford Focus on the internet and called the dealership to set up an appointment to see the car. The salesman was very helpful and let me drive the car and I purchased the car and arranged to pick it up the next weekend. When I arrived it was cleaned up and ready to roll. Very great experience!!

Larry and Anna Budall - Brandon, SD (2003 Toyota Corolla) 4/23/2015
Vince, It was a good, simple, satisfying purchase. You all did a great job and we are very happy with our purchase and service. Keep it up!

Rick Hoogendoorn (Chevy S10) 4/20/2015
Very pleased with the experience. Thanks for taking the time to make my step-son feel important with his first vehicle. He loves his new S-10.

ADAM SIEFF - Sioux Falls, SD (2005 JEEP LIBERTY) 4/13/2015

Scott- Greg & I enjoyed our business with you. You were quick and to the point and that is refreshing. you made our purchase painfree and stress free. Thank You for a cute little car. Have a blessed year!

Fred and Penny Middagh - Crooks, SD (2006 Chrysler Town & Country) 3/26/2015
Trent, We really love the Town & Country van. We are having a lot of fun figuring out what all the buttons and switches are for.

Mark and Shannon Niemeyer - Canton, SD (2011 VW Jette) 3/12/2015
Service was great!! Appreciate the help.

James Richters - Rock Valley, IA (2004 Jeep Liberty) 3/12/2015
My experience was very positive. Your's was the only lot we visited that day where we weren't being hustled into a sale. It is so much nicer when the salesman isn't hounding you to purchase one vehicle or another. I will definitely come back for my next vehicle and my Dad said he'd shop there too!

Kelli Nuttbrock - Pierre, SD (2013 Mazda 3) 3/9/2015
From start to finish, my experience with Trent at Sioux Empire Automotive was great! Trent was extremely accommodating for the fact I could only make it up on Saturday and he had all three cars close by and ready to test drive. He was very good about asking and showing me the features in the car I felt were the most important and how to work everything. I also really appreciate the fact I was able to test drive all three cars on both the interstate and the city to be able to fully compare. I was very undecided about two of the vehicles and Trent was nice enough to talk the options through with me so I made the decision that was best for me. And I feel in the end I did end up with the right vehicle. I HIGHLY recommend Trent and the whole staff at Sioux Empire Automotive to anyone looking for a good used vehicle. Everyone was great and very helpful.! Thanks again for everything!

Mike Murphy - Neillsville, WI (2004 Chevrolet K1500) 3/6/2015
Bryan, Thank you for the great service you provided at the dealership. The truck I bought is great. Also thanks again for meeting us halfway to pick up the truck. That helped us out a lot. Very satisfied, thanks again.

Darold Ball - Sioux Falls, SD (2014 GMC G2500 Cargo) 3/5/2015
Service was great, van works very good, interest rate was good. We're telling all our friends to go see you for their car needs.

Heather Howell - Burnsville, MN (2006 Toyota Corolla) 3/5/2015
My experience was a great one with your dealership. Thank you for being so welcoming when I arrived to Sioux Falls. The car is doing great.

Robert and Lorilee O'Donoghue - Clear Lake, SD (2009 Subaru Forester) 3/5/2015
I can't think of anything to suggest. It was a great experience. No stress, no complications. Waiting for us later in the day--Thanks. I love my vehicle.

Kay Hodges - St Louis, MO (2007 Honda Accord) 2/18/2015
Vince, You and Kevin were very helpful in the car buying process. It's one thing I don't like to do and you made it easy. Your no-pressure approach was much appreciated. The car is awesome--a gift!

Richard and Teresa Wentland - Viborg, SD (2006 Chevy Trailblazer) 2/12/2015
Hello Trent, Richard's and my recent experience with the Sioux Empire Automotive team was pleasant and satisfying. We were treated with courtesy and respect in a relaxed yet professional environment. The team members (Trent and Kevin) we met were both friendly and knowledgeable. We were granted a marketable trade-in price in respect to our new purchase. We would highly recommend their services to anyone we know who is seriously looking to purchase a vehicle. Sincerely,

Michael and Kaitlyn Burns - Sioux Falls, SD (2010 Jeep Compass) 2/12/2015
We really appreciate how upfront and honest you were about the cost of our vehicle.

Floyd Smith - Sioux Falls, SD (2013 Subaru Outback) 2/12/2015
The sales experience was fine, I do like the Outback. I have no complaints. I would purchase another vehicle from you if the need presents itself.

Brandon Hyde - Shawnee, KS (2011 Ford Mustang GT 500) 2/11/2015
I found a vehicle here that I'd been looking for over the last several months. Because I live 5 hours away, most everything had to be done over the phone. Greg was amazing. He gave me a very fair value on my trade, helped me get the extended warranty I wanted, and was kind enough to hold on to the car until I was able to drive up and look at it! By far the best car buying experience I've ever had!

Jim and Jill Reindl - Sioux Falls, SD (2012 Ford Mustang CS Convertible) 2/5/2015
Dealing with Sioux Empire Automotive left us well satisfied in our buying experience. They have talented, friendly people who go out of their way to make sure your needs are being taken care of. We will definitely look to them for future purchases.

Chelsea and Travis Dagen - Mitchell, SD (2012 Ford Fusion) 2/4/2015
Thank you for the top notch service! It was a pleasure purchasing our 2012 Fusion from you. Wonderful experience all around!

Jonathan Pietz - Mitchell, SD (2000 Chevrolet K1500) 1/30/2015
It was a very good experience. I enjoyed doing business with everyone there. Hopefully I will get to buy another vehicle there again in the future. It is a very nice and clean vehicle and is working great for me. Thank you very much!

Neil Lesmeister - Baxter, MN (2004 Chevrolet Colorado) 1/30/2015
Everything went very well. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.

Teri and Chris Huska - Sioux Falls, SD (2009 Ford Focus) 1/28/2015
Thank you for your great customer service in letting us not only test drive, but to bring the car home. Thank you also for working with us to fix the rear struts and alignment. We would also like to thank the business manager for answering questions and working on getting us the best deal possible.

Shawn Olsen - Spirit Lake IA (2011 Toyota Camry) 1/22/2015
Scott and the rest of the gang at Sioux Empire Automotive; i appreciate the car buying experience we had at your dealership. The service was appreciated and the no pressure to buy was wonderful. I look forward to someday giving Sioux Empire Automotive the opportunity to again put together a deal for myself and family; Until then---best wishes!

Bob and Genevieve Van DenHemel - Madison, SD (1999 Ford F 150) 1/7/2015
Bryan, Genevieve and I really enjoy the truck. We have gotten a lot of comments on how nice it is. Our son and daughter thought it was about time that we got a different truck. We really like it too, and hope to have it a long time.

Denise Campbell and Michael Travnicek - Tyndall, SD (2012 Subaru Outback) 12/18/2014
Trent, So far, so good with the Outback! This vehicle purchasing experience was unlike any other! Love the low key approach and no high pressure! I would recommend your dealership to anyone looking for a different vehicle---crazy thing---about 2 weeks after we purchased the Outback-- I discovered my sister{Larry and Ila Chester) purchased a Chrysler van from your dealership as well--another positive experience! Thanks.

Bryant Spoonemore - Dell Rapids, SD (2005 Ram 1500) 12/17/2014
Awesome experience. I will recommend you to anyone. Thanks for everything.

Greg and Jen Neitzert - Sioux Falls, SD (2012 Ford Fusion) 12/15/2014
We appreciated the very low pressure experience, friendly staff and what we feel was a good price for our new car; and a fair trade-in price. Thanks,

Austin and Kari Lucas - Rochester, MN (2007 Audi A4) 12/12/2014
Kari and I had a great experience. The willingness to work with us over the phone and complete the transaction without being there in person could not have been any easier. We are loving the A4, and feel we got a well taken care of, and good running vehicle to last us for some time.

John Ranek - Sioux Falls, SD (2012 Toyota Camry) 12/11/2014
Enjoyed doing business with you. We are enjoying the Camry.

Danielle McClennen - Brandon, SD (2010 Toyota Camry) 12/8/2014
I very much appreciated your honest, "priced to sell" selection. I am very pleased with my purchase and the Camry is a good fit for my family.

Carlos Escalante - Sioux Falls, SD (2005 BMW X3) 11/24/2014
Vince, We want to thank you for all the support and for the confidence you gave us to make the purchase of the car. We are very happy and satisfied with the purchase of the BMW X3. What motivated us to make the purchase, was the trust placed in us and the frankness of you guys for what we can do. I want to thank you again for everything and rest assured that the next purchase of a car (hopefully by the end of 2015) you will be the first choice to visit and see what you have. Wishing you the best,

John Hoffman - Hartford, SD (2008 Ford Mustang) 11/21/2014
Great experience! Usually I've had to take up to half a day to purchase a vehicle. It took less than 30 minutes to get the paperwork done! Great job guys.

Brian & Kelly Puthoff - Harrisburg, SD (2013 Chrysler 200) 11/21/2014
We do really like our Chrysler 200. Its sporty and fun.

Jon Fick - Sioux Falls, SD (2012 Ford Taurus) 11/10/2014
Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. The experience at Sioux Empire Automotive was awesome. I really appreciated the help getting financing being that I was a credit ghost. If I hear someone is looking for a vehicle I'll be sure to refer you. Thanks.

Jerilyn Haberman - Yankton, SD (2013 Ford Explorer) 11/7/2014
I love the Ford Explorer--still learning about the electronics and all the options. We took the Explorer to LaCrosse, Wisc. the day after I picked it up. My brother-in-law was impressed with the ride and the amount of leg room in the second row seats. I enjoyed working with you and the staff. I was satisfied with the deal we made. I'm spreading the word to friends and family--I'll be back. Thanks.

Mike Newman - Sioux Falls, SD (2007 Ram 2500) 11/5/2014
Bryan, Thanks, all is well. Truck is great. I'm enjoying it greatly. And yes, you guys made it simple and easy.

Brad Gering - Freeman, SD (2008 Ram 1500) 11/5/2014
Thanks for your attention to our requests and in a very timely manner. We have already told several people about your dealership, and how pleased we were.

Richard Hartenhoff - Brandon, SD (2012 Ram 1500) 10/30/2014
You guys made buying a truck a pleasant buying experience. I especially liked your decision to replace the cargo light instead of using silicone to patch up the leak. That showed me that you care about your customer. I'd buy from you guys again. Thanks.

Janene Driesen - Hawarden, IA (2012 Ford Fusion) 10/27/2014
I am very happy with my car and enjoy it very much. Thank you for your concern and help in fixing the dual exhaust, and for delivering my car back to me. It was very thoughtful. I would recommend your sales staff to other people. Want again to thank you for all your help when I purchased my car.

Patty Allen - Sioux Falls, SD (2008 Ford Focus) 10/24/2014
I really like the Focus; its working out great. I had a lot better experience with you guys. I liked how you let me see the Carfax and explained everything. I also like how you let me and my mom take it for a test drive, and took my picture with my car. Thanks for the coupons.

Lowell Stelter - Sioux Falls, SD (2014 Subaru Outback) 10/22/2014
I am very well satisfied with the customer service I received after purchasing my used 2014 Subaru Outback recently. The two minor problems I had were taken care of promptly, and to my satisfaction. All the Sioux Empire Automotive staff that I dealt with were friendly and courteous. I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a used vehicle. I love my Subaru.

Ben & Ellie Salter - Sioux Falls, SD (2005 Buick Rendezvous) 10/17/2014
Great service. You were very nice, and we were able to talk to you with ease, without feeling as if you were trying to force us into anything. Thank you for the GREAT car. We love it, and will continue to love it. Have a great rest of your year!

Gwen Amen - Sioux Falls, SD (1991 Mazda Miata) 10/17/2014
A good experience for us--promptly approved for a good loan and we appreciated the Carfax and that you thoroughly checked out the car. Thanks.

Brett Briscoe - Harrisburg, SD (2004 Lincoln Aviator) 10/9/2014
My experience with Sioux Empire was amazing!! I liked the laid back atmosphere. I felt no pressure and they made my trade in super easy. Trent and Brad were super to work with and I would recommend friends and family their way anytime. I definitely will continue to have my vehicle serviced and maintained with Sioux Empire, and I will certainly purchase my next vehicle there too. Thank you for making it so easy.

Courtney Juttig - Tea, SD (2006 Buick Lacrosse) 10/8/2014
I am a satisfied customer because.....website is perfect, loved Carfax reporting, ability to text salesperson, plenty of pictures; great staff. All around pleasant experience. I had a specific car in mind when I arrived on site and Vince didn't try to up sale me into a more expensive vehicle which I appreciated.

Sandi Brown - Sioux Falls, SD (2003 Ford Explorer) 10/8/2014
I really like my new truck. Rides a lot smoother than my old one. Seems like a nice vehicle.

Gene & Lois Monahan - Watertown, SD (2008 Toyota Sienna) 10/8/2014
Gentlemen; We were all very impressed with all the nice friendly employees we worked with. You have a very nice operation there. So much better than downtown Sioux Falls. Would sure recommend you! We love the Sienna. Kindest regards,

Heidi Borer - Little Rock, IA (2008 Pontiac Grand Prix) 10/6/2014
My son loves his car. I do to! We are very impressed with the service. Will gladly recommend you! When its my turn for a new vehicle I will be getting in touch! Thanks for the great service.

Randy and Gloria Anderson - Wynot, Nebraska (2011 GMC Terrain) 9/15/2014
The Terrain is just what we were shopping for and the gas mileage exceeds our expectations; it got 29.6 mpg on our last fill up. We enjoyed the laid back buying style you have and we have told a few friends about your clean inventory. We will keep you in mind the next time we are looking for a car/truck/suv.

Stephen Davis - Harrisburg, SD (2001 Buick Park Avenue) 9/15/2014
Great experience all the way around! Traded in an old junker, everything was simple, fast, easy, fair.

Salina Lauer - Sioux Falls (2004 Toyota Corolla) 9/8/2014
My experience with Sioux Empire Automotive has been positive and helpful. I felt confident that I was purchasing a quality car. The staff was friendly, non-pushy, and informative. I am satisfied with my buying experience.

William Anderson - Sioux Falls, SD (2009 Volkswagen Routan) 9/8/2014
I am satisfied with my new 2009 Volkswagen so far! Thanks for your wonderful service!

Willie Moravec - Sioux Falls, SD (2010 Honda Civic) 9/8/2014
You guys made the purchase of a car a joy. Your honesty and professionalism was much appreciated. I have a 14 year old daughter, and when we start looking for a car for her we will check out Sioux Empire Automotive again. Thank you.

Scot Swanson - Badger, SD (2007 Toyota Yaris) 9/3/2014
Still lovin' the Yaris! Thanks to my son who found the car--I probably wouldn't have gone to Tea otherwise. I thought the only dealers in Tea sold repairables. Now I know, and so will any friends looking for a different ride! Thanks!

Paul and Angela Sharpe - Sioux Falls, SD (2013 Linclon MKS) 8/28/2014
We had a exceptional buying experience. The salesmen were honest and very helpful. He actually gave us advice on how to get money for our mild hail damage. Not only were we able to save money from the honest pricing, but we were able to put a down payment on the car that we wanted. Thanks for all of your help.

Stephen Reckert - Larchwood, IA (2010 Dodge Journey) 8/14/2014
Helpful, friendly, no pressure service. When an issue was found with the vehicle, it was repaired quickly at no charge to us! Thank you.

Gloria Menke - Hardin, MT (2003 Subaru Baja) 8/4/2014
I did enjoy the whole experience of buying sight unseen on the Internet--a first for me. Even though I was far away, you were interested in my needs and went beyond my expectations by bringing the Baja halfway to meet me. I found you to be knowledgeable, fun, and professional. Can't ask for more than that! And the Baja seems to be a fine little auto.

Brad Wachtel - Lincoln, NE (2011 Chevrolet K1500) 7/18/2014
I am very pleased with my purchase. I am glad I came back and chose this one. It runs and drives smooth. Over the fourth of July the truck got it's first long distance drive. I took it down to Oklahoma and everything ran and sounded perfect. Thanks again for the great support.

Mark, Linda, and Austin Bruning - Onida, SD (2008 Chevrolet Impala LTZ) 7/7/2014
It was great doing business with you. You were right, you were the cheapest on pricing. You weren't a high pressure salesman that makes going to a car lot and looking for a car painful. Thank you for your friendly demeanor. We will keep you in mind when we look for our next vehicle. Sincerely,

Ally Mohs - Brookings, SD (2012 Subaru Impreza) 7/7/2014
My dad and I had a great experience buying at Sioux Empire Automotive. Everything was very organized and the process went very smooth. The Impreza is fantastic! Thank you!

Justin VanKirk - Sioux Falls (2005 Ford Escape) 7/3/2014
The experience was great and you guys were utmost helpful with the whole process. I'm loving the vehicle so far and no issues have come up thus far either. I do miss the little better gas mileage that we had, but something I can surely live with. As far as paperwork went, also a breeze, and the timely title arrival was nice too; so I got that all finished already. All in all, a great process and if I was to need a vehicle again, I would certainly see what you have available. Thanks again.

Ryan & Hillary Hanson - Sioux Falls, SD (2007 Toyota Tundra) 6/27/2014
We had a wonderful experience. Everyone was very helpful and seemed genuinely interested in getting us the best possible deal. We felt the price on our new Tundra was fair, as was the amount we were given in trade-in value for our old truck. We look forward to doing business with Sioux Empire Automotive again!

Gale Schroeder - Beresford, SD ('02 Expedition) 6/20/2014
I had a low pressure buying experience, which I appreciated. Thank you for allowing me to take the Expedition to Beresford for the night, (that was a selling tool). Thank you also for the brake controller. It works great! I hope you have a good summer. Thank you!

Bill and Mary Nielson - Lennox, SD (2004 GMC DENALI) 6/16/2014
Thanks Trent for your excellent service. We appreciate your help in guiding us through the sale--it was a very pleasant experience and would not hesitate to come back to you for our future needs. We have taken it on one road trip and it rode beautifully. Thanks again for your service!

Jim Quinn - Sturgis, SD (2011 Chevrolet Equinox) 6/16/2014
Your organization was easy to deal with. Checked the vehicle out properly and made it easier for me by getting the vehicle at Chamberlain. Thanks.

Shane and Lindsay Zylstra - Beresford, SD (2013 Ford Flex) 6/4/2014
We had a great experience purchasing our Ford Flex from Sioux Empire Automotive. Dan was kind, honest, and not pushy. I have tremendous respect for the way you do business--no negotiating. Also, great respect for the owner--Mr. Juhl. He gave a pointer to the service director without embarrassing him or belittling him. I also saw him out mowing! "Big bosses" that I have worked with are very seldom so humble. Thanks for your service!

Ron and Carol Anderson - Sioux Falls (2004 Volkswagen Touareg) 5/29/2014
We have purchased three automobiles from Sioux Empire Automotive, two from Vince. We appreciate his friendly, knowledgeable approach. Even though we had a few issues with our Touareg, Vince and Sioux Empire worked things out to our satisfaction. Thanks.

Nathan Jones - Sioux Falls (2006 Audi A4 and 2009 Honda Civic) 5/29/2014
Both my wife and I have recently purchased vehicles from Sioux Empire Automotive. I bought a 2006 Audi A4, and she bought a 2009 Honda Civic. After spending some time in the local auto market, I was pleased to do business here. While I do enjoy negotiating and spend a lot of time researching vehicles, I found the salesmen here to be honest and sincere. Apart from that, I really appreciated not feeling pressured and thought they had a great selection of used vehicles. After walking away from a collision and losing my car, I really wasn't sure what to purchase. After looking at a few Impalas, they showed me a few other models in my price range. I was excited to find my favorite car and the salesman was very knowledgeable. We were so pleased that my wife also decided to upgrade to a newer Civic, and they had one in her favorite color! Thanks again.

Chad Brenden - Watertown, SD (06 Lincoln Zephyr) 5/29/2014
I found the staff very helpful and accommodating while purchasing my vehicle. There was no high pressure sales pitch and pushing to make a sale. I found it to be a good experience and would recommend to anyone to do business there.

Judy Kent, Pres. Cleaning by Judy, Inc. - Tea (2006 Honda Odyssey) 5/5/2014
I had an excellent experience purchasing my 2006 Honda Odyssey. I was pleased with the purchase price and trade-in value of my 2001 Odyssey. I did not feel pressured and was pleasantly surprised with honest, fair pricing. I also was given a personal tour of their very large service garage that I never have noticed as I drive by everyday. I do thank you for your very competent sales and service team.

Aaron Walton - Brandon, SD ('11 Ford F150) 4/28/2014
Good buying experience. I have recommended Sioux Empire Automotive to two co-workers who are looking for new pickups.

Tim Reuer - Harrisburg (Ford Fusion) 4/17/2014
I can honestly say that this was one of the best experiences I have had buying a car. You were helpful and provided good service without being pushy. You also let us have time to drive the car and check it out on our own. In the end we got a good car for us at a fair price. Thanks for a great experience---we will be back next time we are looking for a used car!

Tom and Karen Cota - Sioux Falls (2013 Subaru Lagacy) 4/9/2014
It was a pleasure doing business with the people at Sioux Empire Automotive. We appreciate the "no tricks" pricing. It was a nice change from the usual negotiation, bartering that occurs at other dealerships.

Karl and Nadine Schmidt - Estelline, SD (2012 Subaru Impreza) 4/4/2014
Buying a car at Sioux Empire Automotive was the most pleasant and least stressful car buying experience we've ever had! We had done our research and we knew exactly what a fair price was for the car we were interested in---and that was the price (within $10!) that Vince gave us when we sat down to talk. So nice not to have to haggle and play games. Also, the car is awesome and has already handled the snow and slush beautifully.

Jackie Frus - Sioux Falls (Nissan Rogue) 3/22/2014
I am really liking the Rogue! Bryan and the rest of the team were very helpful in the process. I felt like I could trust them which isn't always the case with used car dealerships. Would recommend someone to you.

Dillon - Sioux Falls (Chevy Blazer) 3/21/2014
We had great customer service and accommodation! We love our SUV and will keep Sioux Empire Automotive in mind for any future vehicle purchases.

Joan - Hartington, NE (Subaru Outback) 3/21/2014
We are happy with our purchase. It seemed like a fair price. We will check back with you when we are looking again in the future.

Dustin and Andrea - Arlington, NE (Chevy Traverse) 3/21/2014
We were very pleased with the sales staff and the process of purchasing our vehicle--we had looked several other places for this vehicle and were always unsatisfied; we would recommend others to Sioux Empire Automotive, and have, as Dustin's parents purchased a SUV and his sister is also looking for a trade. We are 100% satisfied.

Larry and Aresa Coderre - Brookings (Cadillac SRX ) 3/21/2014
My husband and I recently purchased our 2nd automobile from Sioux Empire Automotive. We believe Sioux Empire Automotive is an honest and reputable dealership. The customer service is excellent. We are very appreciative of the courtesy, patience, and knowledge of Vince Hamiel, our sales consultant. This is a " no sales pressure" dealership. We would recommend Sioux Empire Automotive to anyone in the market for an automobile. Thanks again.

Amy & Eric Hartter - Rock Rapids, IA (Chrysler Town & Country ) 3/21/2014
Received great service from all staff! Everyone was very friendly and very easy to work with. We really appreciated the "best price" pricing, as we felt we were getting a fair deal without having to negotiate prices. Very good customer service--we will definitely recommend your business to family and friends. Thanks again.

Glenn & Diane Parsons - Philip, SD (Ford Expedition) 3/21/2014
Thank you! I am pleased with the vehicle. You were very honest in your representation of it. I felt you were very accommodating! Coming to pick me up was particularly helpful. The overall buying experience was great! Thanks again.

Dan and Brittany Schulte - Tea (2012 Subaru Forestor) 2/26/2014
Dan and the rest of the crew were great to work with. Dan wasn't even working that day, and he was very accommodating for us that day. The test drives were my favorite part because it gave my wife and I a chance for a pressure free ride in both vehicles we were interested in. Will definitely do business with Dan and Sioux Empire Automotive again. Will also go to various websites like cars.com and leave positive feedback. Thanks again for the wonderful service and vehicle.

Thomas and Jeanie - Madison (2007 Ford Freestyle) 6/15/2013
The Sales Rep, Greg Harder, went out of his way to make sure we were satisfied.

Ida - Round Lake, MN ('09 Eclipse) 4/12/2013
Mike and Kevin--thank you for making my new car purchase as "painless" as possible. With the current weather, I have been driving my Probe to work, but it did drive the Eclipse on Thursday and Friday. I got the appropriate jealous responses that I was looking for when I did drive it--it has a "wow" factor, for sure! I'm sure I will thoroughly enjoy driving the Eclipse in the spring and summer. Thanks again for your help.

Rod and Dorinda - Sioux Falls (2003 Buick LeSabre) 10/8/2012
I want to let you know that our buying experience with Sioux Empire Automotive was excellent. The whole sales experience was great. From the time I came in and inquired about buying the vehicle until my wife and I came in to purchase was a pleasant surprise. Brad was a delight to work with and I liked the fact that he was very upfront with me on everything. I felt right away that I could trust him and he made me feel that he trusted me. I have purchased many vehicles in the past and I must say this was the best experience I have ever had. I felt no pressure to buy, I was able to take my time in making a decision and get back to him. The car I purchased is great and I love the gas mileage savings. The time it took to do the paperwork was very fast ad we received our paper work to go to the court house very fast. Over all it was an excellent experience and when we go to look to replace my wife's vehicle I will definitely be back. I have told other friends and family about my experience and told them to give you a look the next time they are looking for a vehicle.

Marilyn and Jeff S. - Alexandria, SD (Buick Rendezvous) 9/6/2012
We purchased a vehicle from your Sioux Falls location in July. I am finally getting the time to sit down to tell you that we are very happy with the purchase we made for our daughter. She, too, loves her vehicle!! Dan was our salesman...he was very kind, pleasant, helpful and not pushy! All of which we appreciated very much. We will recommend your dealership and Dan as a salesman to our friends! Also, wanted to thank you for sending the extra key that went with the car. Thanks again!

Mick and Jodi S. - Corsica, SD ('10 Chrysler 300C) 8/15/2012
We sure appreciate working with Mike--we love the car.

Don and Kathy F. - Sioux Falls (05 Dodge Caravan) 8/10/2012
We appreciated the "bottom line" pricing approach (no haggle!), the helpful, friendly sales people, and the absence of any high pressure selling pitches. Allowing the vehicle to speak for itself is our idea of good marketing. The car was very clean, and drives like a new one. The trade-in process was open and clear, another plus. Altogether, a very pleasant buying experience.

Kyle N. - Volga, SD (2005 GMC Sierra 1500) 8/1/2012
Kevin was great to work with! He took the time to listen to my needs and concerns about the vehicle I wanted. He made sure the vehicle was operating at an acceptable level and was very honest and upfront with me about the vehicle. Thanks for the good experience.

Duane and Pam R. - Sioux Falls ( Chrysler Town and Country) 7/23/2012
We bought a Chrysler Town & Country on June 21st. I was very impressed with with the cleanliness and the quality of the vehicle. In fact, I had only been looking for a van like this for 2 days. I also thought it was fairly priced when compared to other dealers. The entire staff at SEA was very professional and friendly. Vince was a great salesperson and followed through on all my requests. I felt that SEA demonstrated a high degree of integrity and trustworthiness. I would not hesitate to buy another vehicle from SEA or recommend to other prospective buyers. From start to finish, my experience was very enjoyable without any high pressure sales pitches. I really appreciate SEA standing behind the vehicle even though it was sold "as is". The brakes squeaked the day after I purchased the vehicle. When reporting it to Kevin, he did not hesitate in telling me to bring it in to have them looked at. The brakes were fixed without any hassle or cost to me. While the brake were getting fixed I was able to drive another vehicle from your fleet which allowed me to continue on with my day's activities. We love the van! Thank you Vince, Kevin, and Staff.

Glenda and Joel S. - Lennox (2008 Ford Edge) 7/16/2012
The experience was good. We enjoyed the smooth, no hassle purchase experience, and will look you up when we are ready to purchase our next vehicle. Thanks again.

Troy and Donna K - Rock Rapids, IA (2010 Toyota Sienna) 6/14/2012
Kevin, thanks for the help with the van. We love it! You were very helpful and kind.

Conway and Bette Joe B. - Sioux Falls (1999 Cadillac Escalade) 6/4/2012
Our experience in dealing with Greg Harder was a very good one. He treated us with respect, listened to our needs and wants, and knew his stuff. The vehicle has proven good, the price was very fair, and we will recommend your dealership to anyone.

Jim and Leona H. - Mentor, MN (2007 Chevy Avalanche) 6/4/2012
The sales people were laid back, not oppressive. They were not pushy. We felt relaxed and respected. We really appreciate the way we were treated. Very professional. We are really enjoying the red Avalanche.

Laura L and Clayton B - Sioux Falls (2009 Lincoln MKX) 6/4/2012
Clayton and I believe that our experience at Sioux Empire Automotive was very good. Our salesman was new, but still very helpful and easy to talk to! We got to test drive the vehicle quickly, and we really liked that our salesman came with to help us figure things out! The sales process was easy and understandable! I do recommend Sioux Empire Automotive to other people when they ask where we bought ours. Thank you

Amanda and Rob-- Salem (2011 Chevy Cruze) 5/14/2012
We are happy with how things went. The car does great on gas mileage! Unfortunately, the car was in Mitchell during the hailstorm and has serious damage. If the insurance company says it is totaled-we will come see you guys again! Thanks

Byron and Janet--Sioux Falls (2009 Ford Mustang GT California Special) 5/11/2012
We are happy that you have the no-dicker-sticker in place. It makes it much more pleasurable to buy. John was a no-stress type of sales person and easy to work with. The Mustang was in great condition and we are extremely happy with it. Many complements.

Jeff T. - Sioux Falls (1997 Dodge Dakota) 4/16/2012
My wife and I wanted to thank you for helping us trade for the Dakota we got from you. We have never been treated so well when buying a car before. All who helped us were great to us. Our salesman Mike Morken went out of his way to make us comfortable; if it was not for him, we would not have made the deal. He is a great salesperson and I thank him and all out in Tea that helped us! God bless you all, and thanks again. I will recommend your dealership to all of our friends.

Diane A.- Harrisburg (2003 BMW Z4) 4/16/2012
The car looked great and the salesman was more than helpful. I really appreciated the car being freshly washed when I came back to pick it up. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks

Roger L - Volin, SD (2011 Chevrolet Aveo) 4/13/2012
I found your website very attractive, and useful. Enjoyed your low book price. No need for pressure and negotiating. Vince was informative, polite, social, and accommodating. So far no problems with the 2011 Aveo LT.

Jim and Judy -- Madison, SD (Chrysler Town & Country ) 4/5/2012
We have been satisfied with all phases of our experience in purchasing through Sioux Empire Automotive. The car seems to be very solid mechanically and we expect to get many years of reliable service from it. You run a first class operation.

Verald and Leona -- Wessington Springs, SD (Kia Sedona) 4/5/2012
The purchase of our Kia Sedona was a very enjoyable experience. The salesmen were extremely helpful and informative and showed us a great time. My husband really enjoyed harassing them, says he still thinks he should have gotten a free tank of gas. We really thank all of you for your service.

Laurence - Brookings, SD (Buick Ranier ) 3/29/2012
We greatly appreciated our sales person, John Wassom, as he informed us of autos available, detailing each auto we were interested in, without any sales pressure! We would purchase here again when needed. Thank you,

Tim-Sioux Falls (Dodge Dakota) 2/11/2012
Greg was and is a very pleasant man to work with. He was not pushy and did not make me feel intimidated. He is very easy to talk to and easy to deal with. I would definitely come back to you.

Bonnie - Sioux Falls (Cadillac SRX ) 2/6/2012
I LOVE MY CAR---thanks so much to Mike and Brad for working with me. I am having a little trouble with the remote start working from any distance. Mike referred me to Eric, at your service department, who is going to fix that for me. Thanks again---you guys are GREAT! My husband is watching the web site for his pickup to buy from you--see you again soon.

Keith - Lake Andes (2003 Chevrolet K1500) 2/1/2012
The salesman did a very good job; the service was great. I am very happy with the truck. I am planning on heading out to North Dakota with it soon. I would recommend your dealership to anyone looking to buy a used vehicle.

Paul and Sheila- Brookings, SD (Toyota Titan) 1/26/2012
We were very satisfied with the purchase of our Titan Crew truck. I especially liked your straight forward approach to your pricing and trade in allowance. It took all the guess work out of it and I felt I got a fair deal. Also, I was impressed with the prompt service when I called on New Year's Day and was able to make the deal right away with a smooth transaction. Its sure been nice having a nice 4 wheel drive now on our new acreage. Thanks so much!

Pamela - Watertown (2003 Chevy Suburban ) 1/26/2012
To say it was an unusual process would be an understatement! I want to thank you Kevin for your poise under pressure. You could have become irritated with all that kept going wrong, but you were steadfast in your service and committment to getting me a working vehicle. You are to be commended. You are an asset to your company as is the rest of your team. While I do hope to own this Suburban for a long time, I will check in with you for any future needs I have as well as recommend you to others! Blessings to you,

Nicole - Sioux Falls (Ford Escape ) 1/12/2012
I worked with John Wassom and Brad Juhl in my vehicle trade. Both were very straight forward and not pushy at all, which was much appreciated. This was the most stress-free vehicle purchase I've ever made, and Brad was great at answering questions and providing documentation even after the transaction. I would difinitely buy from you guys again!


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